About Chubby Stork


A Student who never grew tire of learning  just like me and you. My persona?

Been a fan of “TONY STARK” since my dad shared me his favorite SUPER HERO when he was a kid.  His “ARMOR” kinda related to Ephesians 6:10-18. what better way to be a FAN!  Which comic book hero of yours can you relate in the BIBLE?


He was a student and now he uses his power for the greater good, He made mistakes in his life and it cost him with his HEART. A role model that we should all be a STUDENT in our own path. (Minus the billionaire, and cocky attitude of course.)

As a person who loves & creates NEW STUFF I’m a TOTAL GEEK with the whole bunch of it, I grew fond of today’s modern technology and the information which affects our daily lives. The Future is here!

Its not just TECH and Geeky stuff you’ll find in this freaky blog page, it also shares the life what I’m interested in and what my SOCIAL life would like to know more about.

I would like to use this BLOG to help other’s to UPDATE and SHARE my experiences with them and it’s been my passion to INFLUENCE people on what kind of CHOICES or INFORMATION they choose today.

I am nothing more just like a normal person like you, but with God’s glorious shining ray of light, I too want to become a beacon of doing what is right and want to be a PUBLIC SERVANT of showing that there is always a choice in life regardless of what topic it may be.  A chance that we can be a part of CHANGE and JESUS is the ultimate role model when it comes to CHANGING LIVES.

This is an OPEN BLOG and it would be an AMAZING EXPERIENCE to share your IDEA’s and mine to you.

Learn, Grow and Adapt. Be a Student of LIFE and SERVE like how JESUS did!

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