A gaming mouse that is QUALITY and PERFORMANCE at its best.

So you are looking for a gaming mouse but don’t know which one and how much should you invest. Mind you is that there is no cheap gaming mouse unless you are just looking for a ‘flashy and gamery’ design but doesn’t care about the performance nor quality of the usage of it in competitive and I’m sorry you must be lost and this article is not for you.

After years of playing a lot of FPS games and used a lot of ‘what I thought this would be the one’ mouse but still left something missing and mostly its sizes and features that kept me going to find the one you personally will suit your needs. I never thought that I would settled down to my FINAL mouse for competitive FPS games. I thought it was all marketing hype that PRO players use in CSGO and QUAKE for some reason and I was proven WRONG.

Here is the review of the ZOWIE ZA13 gaming mouse by BenQ


The ZOWIE ZA13 is the smallest of the ZA series. There is the ZA11, ZA12, ZA13 respectively. Since I love to claw grip/fingertip my mouse for total control, the ZA13 size suits me the best.

This is a gaming mouse solely made for competitive FPS shooters. There is no hype marketing, no flashy gimmicks, no 360/blazeit/vapenashal trickery. This is THE mouse to end all gaming mouse in terms of sensor quality and feature.


+ Small Size for small/medium hands
+ Pixart 3310 (Used also by Mionix, Steelseries, Roccat, Corsair and Finalmouse)
+ Ambidextrous (Can be use for left handed users)
+ Zowie STICKER!
+ Plug and Play (No software needed)
+ On the fly settings



– Too small for BIG hands
– NO RGB lighting
– 4 DPI modes only (400 ,800, 1600, 3200)
– Non braided cable

Price : Zowie ZA13
– Datablitz:  3,195 pesos
– PC hub:  3,010 pesos

ZOWIE ZA13 website: http://zowie.benq.com/en/product/mouse/za/za13.html#specification


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