Currently Listening To: Indigo La End


 ‘Indigo La End‘ is a Japanese band that I got to know by accident in Youtube since I’ve been a fan of Japanese tunes since ANIME started in my life. I didn’t get to know them in a specific anime but my Youtube has kinda connected all of the bands and I just stumble on this one for no particular reason I’m glad that I DID!

Looking for new tunes is kinda my habit ever since I was a kid and won’t be satisfied until I find a new fresh tune to add up in my playlist in my phone. I simply can’t go somewhere without new songs to stuck by. I search around Youtube and endlessly click video’s of potential new songs, hoping to find the next one that would capture my ear, grow a LSSD and repeat it endlessly to my day-to-day life.

Music is universal because instrument speaks no language.

With their excellent lead guitar arpeggios, Upbeat and energizing rhythm guitar chord progressing, Energetic beat and tempo and thick, slappy BASS. Its one of those things that you just can’t stop moving and checking their music is a must to all music loving fans out there.

Current Favorite:

– Nameless Happy Ending
– Sayonara Bell

All pictures and songs are credits to: Indigo La End


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