Currently Listening To: G l u e 7 0


Now this one is good to all who like’s a good positive upbeat music like Daft Punk, Breakbot, Shing02, Nujabes, with your headphones whether your going somewhere or just cleaning the house, I know I do and I always do chores with music to distract myself. Besides, it makes stuff fun and make everything less boring. Rrrriiigghhhtt?

I heard this artist from H3H3 when Ethan was dancing on a video and I gotta say I AM LOVING it especially the electronic flavors.

I’m currently listening to CASIN and haven’t explored the other tracks so bear with me and will update as soon as possible and just want to share this awesome artist.

Here is the soundcloud link:

Current Favorite:




Comment below if you have any similiar UPBEAT songs that we should include in the list and would love to be updated of these type of songs.

Credits to Casin and it’s tracks.


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