Cotton Candy Mcfloat: A couple’s delight or a friend-zone aftertaste?


I dont usually order something I know I’m going to regret later due to its tempting colors and the feeling of mixing ice cream with soft drinks but this is an exemption, now out in the Philippines I give you the rainbow float of McDonald; Cotton Candy Mcfloat.

It didn’t mention what soft drink it uses but it tasted like Sprite/7-Up with a hint of Bubble Gum. The Ala Carte cost 30 pesos but with a meal it goes 10 pesos less and the Larger size cost 43 pesos (February 20 2017)

A rate of 3.5/5 is the best I can give because its nowhere surprising nor can be replicate with the flavors above and just simply tasted Sprite/7-Up and its major feature are just its aesthetic colors with their selfie like temptation for couples.

its only available for a LIMITED TIME only till Feb 28 2017.

Credits to: McdoPH pic


4 responses to “Cotton Candy Mcfloat: A couple’s delight or a friend-zone aftertaste?

  1. i wanna know if the look are the same when you buy it ? and you ask if the sundae can have a chocolate syrup ?

    • The look can be 50/50. I got my float delivered at my house so its probably mixed on the way. If you ordered it personally then it might look like the picture since its targeting people to take selfie’s. Actual product will always look garbage compare to advertisement.. The chocolate syrup can be an addition for a small price but I have to confirm that on my own. Cheers!

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