World Without Strangers


World without strangers courtesy of GIORDANO


A World Without Strangers

goodness & graciousness

Ephesians 2:11-22


Paul wants the Ephesians to know such things as:

  • The hope of His calling (Ep 1:18a)
  • The riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints (Ep 1:18b)
  • The wonderful grace of God as expressed in “personal” salvation (Ep 2:1-10)

1. Realize our one-sided thinking causes conflict

Opening activity
Imagine that you are building a resort in the Philippines.  As a group, decide on the following:

  1. The location of the resort.  Is it going to be in the mountains, or by a lake, or near the sea?
  2. The ‘theme’ of the resort.  Is it going to be for couples or honeymooners, or something for families, or something like a detox or clinical facility?
  3. The facilities in the resort.  Are you going to have separate bungalows, one big building?  Are there going to be sports courts?  What about a pool?
  4. The type of food you are going…

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