Another milestone and a day to remember to the folks who came down with us at MAY 11, 12 of the ever awesome GAMES, TOURNAMENTS, MODS, and tons of FREEBIES that were given kept us coming for more!

PINOY GAMING FESTIVAL was no stranger when it comes sponsoring BIG events and came to another brilliant assembly of GAMERS, a place where “awkwardness” wasn’t recognize where people were simply had fun of the same PASSION they share and kept the AMBIANCE of SPORTSMANSHIP through competitive gaming. TECHNOLOGY was also one of the TIERS that the event showed off such one of the biggest companies like NVIDIA and ASUS took the liberty and gave us the chance to share their enthusiasm in PC MODDING and the ADVANTAGE through the peripherals they built and showed the audience what PC USERS can do and gave quite a goosebumps of how rewarding the creativity and UNIQUE a person can reach that gave ASUS their MARK through PC and GAMING history.

The Booths

ASUS – Republic of Gamers

ASUS is found in the middle area where 5 to 10 PC MODDED users showed of their MONSTER RIGS and came to honor their peripheral maker.

ASUS staff showing their prized RIGS with one of the GAMING HOST via LIVE.

P1070170Monster Drink anyone?

P1070161Love the TINY but AWESOME rig and simply want a CASE HANDLE in the top!

Saw a RARE and EXPENSIVE piece of GPU in one of the MONSTER RIGS, the MARS 2.


Chubby Stork Approves the booth BABES and MONSTER RIGS together!

Amazing MODDED Predator series!


The QUICKFIRE Pro by CMSTORM. Honestly, CMSTORM is rising rapidly and I say so myself they are doing an amazing  job of bringing quality and price in an amazing RANGE! CHUBBYSTORK RECOMMEND them!

Want to know which mechanical keyboard is the ONE for you? I got your back! PM me in facebook!

Monster Energy Drink


What better way to game than to dropping by at the monster booth where both the REGULAR and KHAOS drinks are available for FREE!  Drank like 15 to 20 cups and that kept me going the whole day! Thanks to the MONSTER booth for the ENERGY!

DC Shoes




The DC booth had a DIRT SHOWDOWN competition where if you beat the game before a 1 minute 55 second mark and you’ll win a FREE PAIR of DC shoes. CRAZY RIGHT? My first try was 1:57 and just lost 3 secs due to frustrating A.I. players in the game but nonetheless they offered FREE ballers and STICKERS and 500 pesos worth VOUCHERS which I can’t wait to buy my next pair of shoes in DC.\



SIR GLENN PAUL SERRANO – NVIDA PH country managerP1070150 P1070151
Now NVIDIA with ASUS showed their video cards ranging from GTX 6 series and the flagship of their gaming peak the TITAN and as well as some computers to play some STARCRAFT 2/ DOTA 2 with some RAZER peripherals.  Sir “GLENN PAUL SERRANO” gave the ceremonial speech and gave honor and tribute to the gamers and fans of the NVIDIA community!

NEOLuTION Gaming Peripherals

P1070153 P1070154P1070179Sorry for the blurry pic, but NEOLUTION is one of the pride of eastern gaming company that is currently setting a name of ESPORTS through their gaming peripherals. Neolution E-Sport was founded in order to support gaming in Thailand and Southeast Asia.  Check their items out in

Street fighter X Tekken  and new fighting FRIENDS

High SCHOOL mates!


2 new friends I’ve met in the PGF 2013. Sir MARK and Jonnah Mahusay.


Mark Arlou, Michael Santos and Ameelu Ruth SERIOUS watching in the STxT booth.


2nd place in STxT


Jonnah Mahusay hanging out in PGF 2013




The Street Fighter X Tekken booth was A-OK. I thought it was going to be a GRAND competition but they we’re rewarding as they invite you play the game and earn prizes. Made a lot of friends especially sir MARK who I just briefly met in the booth for his experience skill and dexterity in the game. Congrats Sir and you earned the ASUS JACKET!. XD

The Main Screen Event and Random Shots!


Need more STARCRAFT 2 action!




PMS Asterisk got their STEELSERIES gaming in DOTA 2 against other famous teams like MINESKI.

Visit their page at







P1070196 P1070195 P1070194 P1070193 P1070192 P1070191 P1070189 P1070188 P1070187



In Conclusion:

The Event is/was always AWESOME. The Booths were FANTASTIC and the GAMING COMMUNITY is growing! Though not much StarCraft 2 was being held but its a START. Hoping star players like “FLASH” or “Life” or anyone has the passion for SC2 could drop by in the future tournaments as well.

Without further a due, this is Chubby Stork and I Approve Pinoy Gaming festival 2013. ₪   See you in the next PGF.

Got questions? suggestions? reaction? Comment BOX BELOW!


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