KFC’s Chocolate chip Pancake Review


Let’s talk about pancakes, why? because I am writing this review 5:11 am in the morning and my hunger is what keeping this review detailed and its distracting me long enough to get one of this DELICIOUS cakes until 6. Since they are only available from 6am to 10am (not including 11 am because lunch preparation)
consuming this scrumptious, chocolate flavored cakes added to the balance of its normal pancake rivals like the PANCAKE HOUSE except affordable!

If your willing to wake up extra early and craving for some serious sweet syrup, chocolate chip, buttered food then this delicious PANCAKE in any nearby KFC stores is the one for you!

Will update soon the price because their website did not included it! =(

UPDATE: The price is 50 pesos ($4.12)

UPDATE 2 (2017): Not Available anymore


For regular updates, follow KFC on Twitter @KFCPhilippines and like their Facebook page


For deliveries, simply dial 887-8888* or go to


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