Did you miss the OLD SCHOOL FPS? Your going to like this!


Did you miss the good old days where SPEED and PIN POINT ACCURACY was nothing compare today’s shooters like CALL OF DUTY and BATTLEFIELD.  This is where the REAL SHOOTER’s were BORN!

Back in my Pentium 4 where most of the time I enjoyed playing “Unreal Tournament 2002” while  listening to UNDEROATH and PROJECT 86 in the background of my game just trying to practice a good head shot with the bots was just one of those satisfying bliss and somehow I ended up in PC games right now.

This game made me go back in time and I have a good feeling this game will bring us all back from where it all started!

If your a QUAKE, Unreal Tournament, Duke Nukem FPS FAN then your going to LOVE this!

Rise of the TRIADS is a 1994 shooter returns with a full Unreal Engine 3 remake featuring a classic arsenal and online modes.

Lock and Load and get a suitable gaming mouse, this adrenaline junkie is coming soon in PC!

Did I mention it was produce by Apogee from the creators of “COMMANDER KEEN” in the DOS GAME days in Windows?

Your Welcome! =)


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