Now you might heard this multi-platform namely “BIOSHOCK” which is the name of the first of its predecessors release in 2007 and its still remained loyal to its UNIQUE, CREATIVE and CAPTIVATING story for those who like to be an ALICE in wonderland approach!

Available in PS3, PC, 360

~ Why you should play it?

– It stands out compare today’s FPS (First Person Shooter) games.
– A world worth exploring
– A never been created A.I. companion namely “ELIZABETH” which adds more depth in the story and help you when your in a pinch (especially in 1999 mode)

– The ending is WORTH IT, trust me!. Its one of those stories that really hooked your attention and you’ve been dying to know the ending and you will go like “Noooooooooooooo!!!”. yup that sort of ENDING!  but If you didn’t get it, there is always youtube to explain and just delay your “Nooooooooooo!!!” once you get the idea. Its complicated but you get it somehow. kinda like INCEPTION!

– Combat systems and GUI are EASY! If your familiar with the old BIOSHOCK series you won’t have any problems. If not, there is ALWAYS a TUTORIAL.
– Gameplay is LOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGG and  WOooooooooooooooRTH IT!


~ Should I get a torrent version? 

– If your on a tight budget. then its up to you.
– If you DO have the budget then that would help the people who made this AWESOME game. We should SUPPORT the games we love and hope one day Philippines would lower prices so that it could encourage people to SUPPORT the developers!

~ Do I need to play BIOSHOCK 1 and 2 to catch up with INFINITE?

You can play INFINITE right away but there will be parts in INFINITE where nostalgia and reminisce will give you a complete satisfaction connecting to the previous BIOSHOCK universe.



If you DID get the game please SAVOR every second of it and HAVE FUN in the world of COLUMBIA!  Hoping that a sequel will come soon!  People who loves DEEP story telling will love BIOSHOCK and it will always continue to amaze as long as your a little kid willing to listen of its captivating, strange and unique plot and will always make you come back for more!

Chubby Stork Rating: 9.5/10


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